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VES 5100

THE VES 5100

The Industrys only 8-chambered Medicare
intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC)
device of its kind.

The VES 5100 (HCPCS E0651) was developed to meet the need of the Medicare patient when Medicare policy changed to limit the availability of its beneficiaries to receive a “high end” device (HCPCS E0652). Until the introduction of the VES 5100, these patients had to settle for devices with 3-4 chambers and slower inflation/deflation times.

As a lymphedema clinician and intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) user for 25 years, Dr. Linda T. Miller, PT, CLT recognized that the available E0651 devices would not meet the needs of her patients. Based on evidence demonstrating that more chambers and a faster inflation/deflation time yield better outcomes, Dr. Miller developed the most advanced E0651 on the market, ideal for Medicare patients.